At NAO, we have a team of dedicated individuals ready to work with you or your employer to ensure you get the best orthopaedic care and treatment, so you can return to work quickly. Our Workers’ Compensation program is designed to meet your needs and give you the highest level of quality care, based on your specific line of work. Our goal it to make the process smooth and communicate back with your employer during every step of the way. Properly filled out paperwork, timely follow-through and good communication are important, but your orthopaedic care and returning you to a functional, pain-free and active routine, are key to your success. We can help.

I was injured on the job, now what? 

  1. REPORT: Immediately following your work injury, you must report it to your employer and/or case manager. They will start an Accident Report Claim for you. Bring that Accident Report Claim with you to the Summit Center when you check in at your first appointment.
  2. INFORM: As soon as you register, inform us that you have a work-related injury. If you do not inform us of this, it will cause delays and other problems involved with processing your paperwork. Provide us with your completed Accident Report Claim, which your employer will provide you (your injury needs to be reported to your employer, first). Your report/claim must include:
    – Your employer’s insurance information
    –  The date of your injury
    –  A claim number – your employer can help you with this step (not necessary in urgent injury cases)
    –  Also, please bring a job description (not necessary in urgent injury cases) of your current position. This will help your care team better understand your injury when they complete your Work Status report.
  3. PARTICIPATE: We want you to be an active participant in your care and treatment plan. Ask questions, learn, share in the decision making. Have a conversation with your medical care team. Read each of the documents we provide you, and most of all, do what we ask you to do for your care. Help us help you regain your previous activity level and return to work.

To make an appointment with one of our specialists, call 928-226-2900 or click HERE. If you would rather receive first-come-first-served walk in care, you can visit URGENT ORTHO, located on the first floor of the Summit Center.

**NOTE: At this time, we do not accept out-of-state workers compensation cases.