Anastacia Williams – Her Winning Hip

Anastacia Williams, NAU Volleyball player and Dr. Cashmore hip patient

Anastacia has played volleyball and been very athletic all her life. She received an athletic scholarship from Cal Poly to play volleyball. After three years at Cal Poly, she chose to attend NAU, on an athletic scholarship for volleyball.

On the team, Anastacia plays the specialized defensive “libero” position, taking the first ball that comes over the net. This means she is putting her body through a great deal of aggressive moves as she runs, dives and stretches for the ball. The constant squatting position she is in puts a great amount of torque on her hips and knees.

During a preseason practice in September 2014, she felt a sharp pain in her left groin. She continued to play the remainder of the season. The pain continued to increase despite the ongoing physical therapy and monitoring of the area.

In December 2014, she had an MRI to determine if there was an injury. The physician who read the MRI did not see any injury. Two other physicians read the MRI and concurred there was no injury.

Anastacia continued to go to physical therapy, but found little relief. She went to see the NAU Athletics physician, George Hershey, D.O., for a follow-up appointment. He had the MRI reviewed once again and noticed what appeared to be a labral tear in the hip.

A hip labral tear involves the ring of cartilage, called the labrum that follows the outside rim of the socket (acetabulum) of the hip joint. The labrum acts like a suction cup to help hold the head of the femur securely within the hip socket. Athletes who participate in such sports as volleyball, ice hockey, soccer, football, golfing and ballet are at higher risk of developing a hip labral tear. Structural abnormalities of the hip also can lead to a hip labral tear.

Dr. Hershey suggested she make an appointment with orthopedic surgeon Bourck Cashmore, M.D., at Northern Arizona Orthopaedics. Dr. Cashmore specializes in sports medicine and joint surgeries, including minimally invasive hip arthroscopy for the treatment of femoral acetabular impingement and labral tears.

After reviewing Anastacia’s MRI, Dr. Cashmore was able see she suffered with both femoral acetabular impingement on both legs/hips, which occurs when the ball-shaped head of the femur rubs abnormally or does not permit a normal range of motion in the hip socket, and a labral tear. The tear could have been caused by an injury or from the rubbing of the femur on the cartilage.

Dr. Cashmore recommended bilateral hip surgery to smooth the heads of the femur on both hips and repair the labral tear to the cartilage on the left hip. Anastacia decided to just have surgery on the left hip since there was no pain in the right hip.

She chose to have Dr. Cashmore do the surgery rather than returning home to California because she felt comfortable with him and he was highly recommended and skilled in this surgery, and she wanted to stay in Flagstaff. She already had physical therapists, Jason Dorsch and Jordan Williams at the Body Shop Physical Therapy Clinic, who could provide post-surgery rehab.

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