Our awesome Foot and Ankle Surgeon is celebrating a birthday!

There is an enormous amount of appreciation for Dr. Chris Diefenbach at NAO today and we all want to wish him a very happy birthday! We asked this fellowship-trained surgeon how he first became interested in the subspecialty of Foot and Ankle in orthopaedics, and his views on the care he provides. Here is what he said:

It was an easy decision for me to begin down the track of Orthopaedic medicine, as I have always appreciated the mechanics of how the body works. A personal love of recreation, sports and activity, was the driving force behind my pursuit of specialized training in foot and ankle care. I have a commitment to my patients and their clinical experience. I believe in shared-decision making involving the patient, as well as their families. My goal is to ensure there is a full understanding of the problem, the treatments available and the influence each individual has on reaching their personal goals for recovery and restored activity. 

With each patient I care for in Flagstaff and Prescott’s surrounding communities, I realize just how rewarding joining NAO has been for me. I am incredibly grateful to be serving patients alongside such a quality group of physicians, surgeons and APPs, as I do.

On a personal note, I am absolutely loving living and practicing in such a unique geographical area, with so many others sharing similar outdoor lifestyles and interests.

Chris Diefenbach, MD

Chris Diefenbach, MD
Fellowship trained Foot and Ankle Specialist, Dr. Chris Diefenbach.


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