3-D imaging at NAO – the first of its kind in Arizona

three-dimensional touchscreen images

NAO is one of the first in the nation and the very first in the state to acquire the latest in Advanced Imaging capabilities with the new system. The system uses cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) to capture 3-dimensional cross-sectional images of bone or soft tissue in arms, legs, hands and feet. Named CARESTREAM, this system provides greater patient comfort and convenience, with a wide door opening for easy, step-in access. Also, because scans only take about 20 seconds, there is a reduced radiation dose compared to conventional CT systems. With this new ability to manipulate the 3D images on the touchscreen, a  proper diagnosis of a condition or injury is much easier for our orthopaedic teams.

Each scan is read by a Northern Arizona Radiology radiologists, as well as reviewed by an orthopaedic surgeon. As a practice committed to remaining on the forefront of medicine, NAO has added this resource to offer its patients the highest standard of care possible. More about our exciting and innovative imaging system HERE.

X-Ray and Ultrasound at NAO

Northern Arizona Orthopaedic has four X-ray machines, two in the NAO Flagstaff clinic, one in NAO’s walk-in Urgent Ortho Flagstaff clinic, and a fourth in our Prescott Valley clinic location. The NAO physicians rely on our in-house X-ray and Ultrasound machines to evaluate injury or conditions. W clinic.

MRI – owned and operated by NAH Imaging Services

Northern Arizona Healthcare (NAH) Imaging Services owns and operates the 3-T MRI located on the first floor of the Summit Center. Northern Arizona Orthopaedics utilizes this MRI to help provide diagnostic services for our patients. This Summit Center MRI is the only 3T MRI in Northern Arizona offering same-day appointments.  A 3T MRI unit scans with higher detail, allowing for a better examination of the injured area. The MRI office is conveniently located on the first floor of the Summit Center. To make an appointment with the NAH MRI, call their scheduling office at 928.213.4900.

MRI, which stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a key tool for doctors to look for and diagnose injuries that cannot be identified through X-ray or other means. Doctors recommend MRI scans for patients to look a little closer for joint degeneration, tumors, fractures and other damage or disease. It’s always a good idea to bring your MRI films in with you to your first appointment with an NAO doctor if you have them.


Are you an URGENT ORTHO patient with an order for an MRI or CT scan?