Dr. Mark Mellinger provides care in the Hand Center and orders diagnostic imaging, including MRIs

I am an Urgent Ortho patient and was just advised to have an MRI or CT scan – WHAT NOW?


1.) You will need to schedule your MRI or CT yourself

If you were given an order for an MRI or CT of your injured body part, your next step is to contact a facility which performs MRIs or CTs and schedule an appointment to have the imaging study performed. It is your responsibility to contact a facility and schedule your recommended imaging study.
Facilities in Flagstaff which offer these services are:

  • Flagstaff Medical Center – Phone: (928) 779 – 3366; ask for Radiology
  • Northern Arizona Radiology (NAR) – Phone: (928) 773 – 2515; select option for scheduling

Note: If you would prefer to have your imaging study performed elsewhere, please let a staff member know and we can recommend a different facility.

Authorizations: Depending on your insurance, your order may need to go through an authorization process before your appointment can be scheduled. If this is the case, you will be contacted by the medical assistant (MA) once your order has been approved so you can move forward with scheduling the recommended imaging study at the facility of your choice.  If the MRI or CT order is denied by your insurance, you will still be contacted by the MA who will provide you with specific follow-up instructions.


2.) Schedule your follow-up appointment:

  1. After you have scheduled an appointment to have your MRI or CT performed, you will need to schedule a follow-up appointment at NAO with a provider who specializes in treating your specific injury.
  2. When you call to schedule, please be prepared to give the name of the facility where your MRI/CT will take place, as well as the date and time of the MRI/CT.
  3. To schedule your MRI or CT follow-up appointment, with an orthopaedic specialist at NAO, please call NAO’s main phone line: 928-774-7757 and follow prompts for Scheduling.

NOTE: This follow-up appointment can only take place after your MRI or CT has been performed. Also, it is an appointment that must be performed in person, at our office. An MRI or CT follow-up exam cannot be performed over the phone.

If you have any questions regarding the treatment you received at Urgent Ortho please call us at 928-226-2600. NOTE: Urgent Ortho is NOT a credentialed “Urgent Care Center” it is a licensed orthopaedic clinic.