The hip joint is the largest joint in the body.  Naturally, it can withstand repeated motion and a fair amount of wear and tear. This ball-and-socket joint fits together in a way that allows for fluid movement. Despite its durability, the hip joint is not indestructible. With age and use, the cartilage can wear down or become damaged. Muscles and tendons in the hip can get overused. The hip bone itself can be broken during a fall or other injury. Any of these conditions can lead to hip pain and ultimately, hip surgery.

At the Arthritis and Fracture Care Center, our expert teams provide non-surgical and advanced surgical methods to treat hip injuries of all types. Timothy Bonatus, DO, and Bourck Cashmore, MD  care for patients from all walks of life, ages and levels of activity, with the highest quality of orthopaedic services.

Types of Hip Surgeries:

  • Total Hip Replacement (THR), also called Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA), is a surgical procedure to either partially or totally replace a worn out or damaged hip with a prosthesis (an artificial joint). In a THR/THA the damaged thigh bone (femur) and the socket with prosthetic components are replaced. At NAO, we offer both Posterior and Anterior Hip Replacement Surgeries.
  • Partial Hip Replacement Surgery is a procedure in which only the ball of the damaged joint is replaced.

Chronic Hip Pain: 

Hip replacement surgery can be an effective solution to relieve chronic hip pain and improve movement. It may be something our doctors discuss with you when your pain:

  • Limits everyday activities, such as walking or bending over
  • Continues during daytime or nighttime rest
  • Limits the ability to move or lift the leg
  • Isn’t adequately relieved with anti-inflammatory drugs, physical therapy or walking aids

If you suffer from hip pain, call us at 928-774-7757 today to discuss a customized solution that fits your unique medical needs and goals. Request an appointment online HERE.

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