Hip Replacement

If the non-surgical treatments no longer relieve pain and inflammation in your hip, you and your physician may consider total hip replacement as the best way to restore your ability to carry on your normal activities of daily life.

Surgeons in the Arthritis and Fracture Care center specialize in repair and replacement of the hip.  Our joint and trauma surgeons are board-certified, clinical experts in the field of orthopaedics, performing at the apex of quality and skill.  Patients experience a caring, compassionate and proficient medical team, assuring patients experience the full-spectrum of pre- and post-surgical care. Our patients appreciate finishing their surgical experience knowing they came to the right place, appreciate for being listened to, and understand our aim to truly help them, is embedded in our culture.

The purpose of hip replacement surgery is to remove the two damaged and worn parts of the hip joint – the hip socket (acetabulum) and the ball (femoral head) – and replace them with smooth, artificial implants called prostheses, which will help make the hip strong, stable and flexible again.


Bone cuts Implant components Implanted
Bone cuts Implant components Implanted


The hip implant is comprised of four parts that work together to restore the original function of your ball-and-socket joint:

  • A metal hip stem that is inserted into the top of your thighbone
  • A metal cup which holds the cup liner
  • A cup liner which holds the femoral head
  • The femoral head or ball which is attached to the hip stem and inserted into the liner to form the ball-and-socket joint


During a replacement surgery, the arthritic or dysfunctional joint surface is smoothed out and repaired, and the joint is replaced with an orthopaedic implant, sometimes referred to as a prosthesis. Our surgeons use custom joints, computerized navigation, and computer-guided ligament balancing to insure optimal outcomes from joint surgeries. To learn more about the types of hip surgeries, implants and other hardware in hip care, click here.

If surgery is decided on between you and your surgeon, you will sit down with one of our friendly Surgery Schedulers to pick just the right time for your surgery to be scheduled. We will also guide you through each step. All the details such as pre-surgical education and insurance authorizations, clearances, recovery time and other details, will be explained to you. You are in good hands and in the right place.

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