Happy birthday, Dr. Yuri Lewicky!

Today marks a very special day at NAO because it’s Dr. Yuri Lewicky’s birthday! What makes this fellowship-trained surgeon tick?

I make a connection immediately upon meeting my patients and in those first moments, I dedicate myself to providing them my very best care. I strive to provide what I, myself, would expect in a physician – clear communication, a thorough understanding of the condition and treatment, and when necessary, the highest level of surgical skill. Through past personal experiences, I understand the enormity of a potentially life-changing injury and the importance of returning to normal activities as soon as possible.

In 2006, I returned to Flagstaff (born and raised) to join the team at NAO as a fellowship-trained sports medicine specialist. It was clear Flagstaff needed more specialists with extensive training in the surgical and nonsurgical treatment of shoulder and knee injuries.

My desire to become an orthopaedic sports medicine specialist stemmed from my own personal experience with debilitating injuries that required hard work and determination to recover from. These experiences taught me the importance of a unified team of support to maximize recovery, which is how we work at NAO.   

In my free time, I escape outdoors to alpine ski, backcountry hike, boat and enjoy water sports, and spend time with family.

Yuri Lewicky, M.D.
The Sports Medicine Center

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