Full-time Surgery Scheduler – Flagstaff

Job Title: Surgery Scheduler

General Summary: Northern Arizona Orthopaedics is an independent, physician-owned practice with a community of 80+ employees, 13 physicians and 5 locations throughout Northern Arizona. Our hallmark is our people and their united efforts to deliver exceptional orthopaedic and spine care to our customers – the patients.  At NAO, our professional Surgery Schedulers are key members of a very tight, integrated team, each functioning as a dedicated Specialty Center within NAO.

The main responsibility for Surgery Scheduler is to work with multiple patients daily, to determine the right time in a patient’s schedule to secure a necessary surgical procedure with the physician. This role relies heavily on use of computers, phones and personal interactions with the patient. The Surgery Scheduler must be a strong multi-tasker, practical thinker and customer-service minded individual. Communication etiquette is key.  Additional duties may arise and be integrated in, as needed, to support the functions of the Specialty Center team.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Work closely with individual patients to schedule surgeries and procedures either by phone or one-on-one with the patient.
  2. Match physician’s availability with the patient’s preferences for a convenient date and time to undergo a surgery.
  3. Maintain scheduling system so patient charts are accurate, up-to-date and complete. Ensure updates (e.g., cancellations, changes, and additions) are entered in to the schedule daily.
  4. Communicate regularly with physicians/clinicians and other staff about any patient concerns and/or questions and issues related to scheduling.
  5. Check patient eligibility and obtain prior authorization, as needed.
  6. Complete Cost Estimates for upcoming surgeries.
  7. Keep up with a fast-paced, busy clinic, offer additional help and assume additional tasks, as needed.


Education: High-school diploma, required. 1-2 years post-high school education, preferred.

Experience: Minimum 3- years customer service experience, preferably in a medical practice setting.

Salary: Commensurate with experience

Mental/Physical Requirements: Mostly sedentary with some standing, walking and reaching. Periodic stress from handling many calls and patient requests.

Performance Requirements:


  1. Basic knowledge of medical practice protocols related to scheduling appointments.
  2. Confident with various computer systems, platforms and scheduling software.
  3. Understanding of customer service principles, techniques and etiquette.
  4. Basic understanding of healthcare industry insurance processes, types and benefits


  1. Must have good communication skills to effectively communicate with physicians, colleagues and patients.
  2. Computer skills – must be affluent in use of computers and using multiple programs at once.


  1. Ability to multitask effectively, while providing excellent customer service and a positive patient experience.
  2. Ability to communicate calmly and clearly with patients about appointments in all circumstances.


Please send resume and cover letter to:

Rebecca Wilson

Human Resources

Northern Arizona Orthopaedics


For more information, call Rebecca at 226-2914.