Charity Anne is back to snowboarding – and trusts her care team

“When I wrecked my knee two weeks prior to my first year competing open class Nationals, I was devastated. I had never experienced a lower-body injury before, and after hearing other with similar accidents felt sports was over for me. When my MRI results came back near the resort I was training at, the local medical facility confirmed my fears. Sadly, my season was over, so I moved back to Flagstaff for the summer and transferred all my records to NAO. Already knowing I needed surgery, I was talked through my options and what to expect by Keri McPherson, PA. Her knowledge and confidence in Dr. Rohrbough made me completely at ease with having my first surgery. After the surgery, I met Dr. Rohrbough and just like Keri was positive, confident and encouraging when explaining the steps to recovering. Looking back, I realize after my first visit to the office, I never had another doubt that I would make a full recovery. Upon recommendation, I worked closely with Ryan Nelson at DeRosa Physical Therapy to reach a level of high performance again for Snowboard Nationals competition. Ryan tailored exercises specific to my sport and competitive needs, which even outshined previous competition training regimes. I had zero doubts about the care and direction I was to receive because I was sure my lifestyle and needs were well-understood and considered. An injury is no longer as daunting in knowing Dr. Rohrbough and his team will know what to do and will be clear and honest and completely knowledgeable in what needs to be done to prevent further injury or enable recovery. I cannot thank my NAO team enough. I consider them heroes in what they do daily, in helping so many people heal and recover.”

-Charity Anne

Charity Anne feeling strong after care at NAO and DeRosa Physical Therapy
AZ Guard Medic trains for National snowboard competition
AZ Guard Medic trains for National snowboard competition
Sports Medicine Center at NAO
Charity’s care team in the Sports Medicine Center

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